Brain Awareness week

Brain Awareness Week

11-17 March is Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. The Healthy Brain Program is an initiative of the Brain Foundation. It aims to assist Australians to keep their brains healthy into old age.

People are living longer and the prevalence of degenerative brain disorders is increasing. Compared to information about a healthy body and heart, there is little about how to keep the brain healthy.


Pointers to a Healthy Brain

  • Exercise and challenge your brain. Don’t be a couch potato
  • Nourish your brain with a healthy diet. Drink alcohol in moderation
  • Enjoy physical activity
  • Make “safety first” a priority by wearing a helmet driving safely and take any head injury seriously
  • Learn to manage stress and depression
  • Relax and sleep well
  • Have regular checks for blood pressure, diabetes, heart rate, cholesterol
  • Do not smoke or use illegal drugs


Exercise and challenge your brain

Human mental decline typically begins before 40. We must take measures to keep our brains in shape, no matter what age. Unused parts of the brain stop working. Challenging the brain with new activities wakes up new areas. It also creates new pathways that appear to become alternate routes when neurones die off in middle and old age.

Here are some tips on how you can exercise your brain:

  • Reading to a small child enhances mental development
  • Exercising the brain is doing anything that makes you think, such as “what did I do last Saturday?”
  • Avoid using calculators
  • Swap TV for mind games or a book
  • Play games that involve memory (bridge) or thinking ahead (chess)
  • Take up a new hobby, learn a new instrument, study a new language


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