Hip Pain

World Obesity Day and Children

11 October 2018

World Obesity Day launched in 2015 to promote solutions to end the global obesity crisis. Its aim is to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Despite all the health warnings, almost two thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese. Also, one in five children are classified as overweight.

Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children occurs when the energy intake from food and drinks is greater than the energy burned through physical activity. As a result, this extra energy gets stored as fat and is a health risk to children.


Sleep Awareness Week

1 – 7 October is Sleep Awareness Week. It’s hard to imagine this but by the time we reach the age of 80, we would have probably spent about 28 of those years asleep. But why do we sleep?

Sleep is an important part of your daily routine as you spend about one-third of your time doing it. Quality sleep and getting enough of it at the right times is as essential to survival as food and water. Without sleep you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you learn and create new memories,...


Healthy Ageing

As the proportion of older Australians is growing, it is important to discuss the topic of healthy ageing. In Australia, more and more people are living full and productive lives well into their 80s and 90s, therefore, a lifetime of good health enables older Australians to continue to contribute socially, culturally and economically to the wider community.

In 2016, 15% (3.7 million) Australians were aged over 65 and over and this proportion is projected to grow steadily over the coming decades. By 2056, it is projected there will be 8.7 million older Australians (22%...


Pain Awareness Month

September is International Pain Awareness Month and one in five Australians experience chronic pain. Therefore it is fitting to address the growing problem in Australia and around the world.  This month, various organisations come together to raise public awareness about pain and pain management. It’s important for those living with pain to know that technology, research, understanding and pain management techniques are at the forefront of public awareness. Quite often, pain is an invisible illness and it has a great impact on individuals and their families.

What is Pain?

The International Association for...


Good Posture in Children

Parents, how many times have you heard yourself say to your child “stand up straight” or “stop slouching”?  We all know that trying to get our child to sit up straight or avoid slouching is a common struggle. But did you know that good posture is just as important as eating healthily, getting enough sleep and exercising. Poor posture can lead to neck pain, lower back pain and even carpal tunnel. It can also cause long-term abnormal bone growth and be linked...


Tradie Health Awareness Month

This month of August is Tradie Health Awareness Month. So all tradie’s listen up. We know it’s hard work being a tradie. Waking up at dawn, getting straight into a physically demanding job and the prolonged strain on the body over long hours all adds up. It’s not surprising that according to statistics from Safe Work Australia in 2016 “labourers accounted for the highest percentage of serious musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) claims with the highest frequency rate”. This was three times higher than the rate of all employees.


Shin Splints – what is it?

‘Shin Splints’, or medial tibial stress syndrome, is a term that is used for pain felt anywhere along the shinbone from knee to ankle. It is a result of overworked muscles, tendons and bone tissue and often occur in athletes who’ve recently intensified or changed their training routines. People that play sports that involve a lot of running are particularly prone to this type of injury.

Causes of shin splints

The pain associated with shin splints results from excessive amounts of force on the shinbone and the tissues attaching the shinbone to the...


Hip Pain

The hips are designed to bear a lot of weight and force. They help us to walk, sit, bend and move due its wide range of motion. It is one of the largest joints in the body and a healthy hip can support your weight and allow you to move without pain. So anytime there is a problem with the hips it can have an enormous affect on your whole body.

As we get older many of us will experience some sort of hip pain. It takes a great force to seriously damage the...


Upper Crossed Syndrome


If you have a desk job or spend lots of time in front of the computer or viewing your mobile, driving or even reading a book every day – then you are more than likely to suffer from Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS). Constantly having your head tilted forward causes postural alterations, often leading to faulty movement patterns, increasing the stress placed on the neck, shoulders and head. This syndrome can cause a multitude of dysfunctions within the body including headaches, early degeneration of the

Overtraining Syndrome



Overtraining occurs when an individual increases their exercise volume and/or intensity while not allowing for enough recovery time and rest. The performance maybe reduced and plateau as the body is pushed physically further than it can handle. It’s ability to recover cannot keep up with the load it is placed under. An imbalance between the workouts and recovery is created resulting in stress and physical trauma to the body.

Overtraining is often seen in athletes who are training for a competition, a special event, or who are very active but it’s actually more common...

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