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Elizabeth Pattalis

Elizabeth is a nutritional medicine practitioner who using scientific evidence, optimises your own health through food and nutrients. She investigates the relationship between diet, lifestyle and the environment and how these may be impacting a person’s health. Elizabeth aims to use both her knowledge and clinical experience to educate her clients and empower them to achieve optimal overall health.

Elizabeth above all likes to keep it simple and realistic. This is to ensure her patients get the most out of their treatment plans for optimal health.  She certainly believes in uncovering the root cause of a person’s health aliment, rather than simply masking the issue. Relieving the symptoms is important, as well as focusing on preventative and long term health. 

Elizabeth also works as personal trainer and pilates instructor with a background in kinesiology enabling her patients to get a truly holistic approach in their treatment. She is one your “one stop shop” with a unique combination of specific education, skills, and experience expertly suited towards providing you with a complete health and lifestyle solution. 
Her special interests include mental health, gut health, muscle skeletal health and vegan health. 
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.
If you would like to make an appointment with Elizabeth Pattalis at Chiro & Sports Med. Simply call our office on 9817 2005 and one of our friendly staff will organise an appointment for you.


  • Clinical Nutritionist

Member of

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society
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