Emergency Care and Weekend duty | Chiro & Sports Med
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Emergency and Weekend Duty

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Acute neck or back pain? We can help you today!

Chiro & Sports Med is a multidisciplinary health centre that offers treatment of muscular, skeletal and nervous system. We provide care in areas besides the common neck and back pain, such as headaches, dizziness and child disorders.

Research shows that treatment in chiropractic is helpful for acute neck and back pain than conventional medical treatment. Unfortunately, these and other ailments often arise when you least expect it and at unsuitable times outside normal working hours. Prompt treatment is very important to reduce your pain and heal the damage optimally so that relapses and worsening avoided.

Chiro & Sports Med, therefore, have a revolving duty scheme between their chiropractors offering emergency care outside normal working hours!

Our receptionists will give you advice and guidance as well as contact one of our chiropractors so you can get the necessary help quickly. Should you require sick leave due to your acute ailments chiropractors as primary health care providers can give sick leave.

Call us on 9817 2005 for an urgent time!

    Our practitioners are on hand to treat you