Elizabeth Pattalis - Nutritionist

Elizabeth Pattalis – Nutritionist

Elizabeth Pattalis is a Clinical Nutritionist as well as a trained Kinesiologist. Elizabeth is also a personal trainer and pilates instructor. In addition to her education, Elizabeth’s experience can also provide you with a complete health and lifestyle solution.

Her motivation for getting into the wellness field was to help other people feel good about themselves. Elizabeth did not come from a sporting background nor did she like it. But in her mid-20s she started going to the the gym. What was once a chore began to be the best part of her day. It wasn’t about the physical benefits that got her hooked but the internal ones.

Recently, Elizabeth wrote about the role of nutrition in musculoskeletal health and pain. For instance, she talks about the relation between inflammation in the body and a pro-inflammatory diet.  Click here to read about this. For further information about Elizabeth and the services she offers please visit her website Elizabeth Pattalis.

Interested in healing naturally and balancing your body chemistry? Want to restore your health instead of the band-aid fix that usually never lasts? Then you’re on the right page. A nutritionist can help you on your path to healing.

Elizabeth is available for nutritional consultations at Chiro & Sports Med every Thursday. If you would like to make a booking with Elizabeth please visit her website.


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