Anna Laguzza

Anna Laguzza

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Anna Laguzza joined the Chiro & Sports Med team as one of the receptionist and chiropractic assistants. She has more than 20 years experience in Sales. Anna’s happy and friendly disposition will ensure you feel welcome whenever you call the clinic. She is always readily available to answer any questions you may have about the practice.

Anna really enjoys working alongside patients and kids. She loves being a part of our team and her vibrant personality is infectious. Many patients comment on how Anna made their visit to the chiropractor so much easier and they felt comfortable having Anna by their side to comfort them along the way. She says that working in the practice has provided a great opportunity to learn about a holistic approach to health and she is excited to help patients along their healthcare journey. “I enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of our practice and the positive results I see from Chiropractic care.”

Anna is a mother of two and is passionate about sports, music, dancing, and shoes! She loves spending time outdoors, watching her sons play soccer, and socializing with family and friends.



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