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Chiropractic for children

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Chiropractic care for children is very gentle and drug free.  Today with an increase in chronic childhood diseases parents are looking for alternative treatments.  Chiropractors are both licensed health care professionals and approved. They act on par with doctors as the primary contact. When it comes to physical therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and chiropractors, they are all not subject to health law to make a diagnosis.

Chiropractors see a clear correlation between the type of birth (vaginal, suction cups or cesarean) and common ailments that occur in children. For example, there are a lot of pressures and forces exerted onto your baby during their journey into the world. Children delivered with suction cups may have an increased strain on their neck.  Note – Chiropractors do not take the same approach of adjustments for babies as they do with adults.

In the chiropractic profession, treatment of children is one of the most important works since chiropractic started in 1895. Treating children today is part of their education in most chiropractic schools. Hence, it is important to get your child assessed by a chiropractor for any particular neck, back, hips or pelvis problems.

Our chiropractor explains the most common children’s disorders

Children disorders can be either an acute or chronic disease. Generally, acute disorders are the result of accidental injuries during childhood. Injuries such as football and cycling accidents, or more recently, roller skates, skateboards, snowboards, and scooters.  Among Australian school children, 15% of boys and 18% of girls experience neck pain at least once weekly.

Chronic child disease often evolves over time. Children are generally very active and will go through life experiencing trauma in different forms and degrees. Investigation and treatment of your child musculoskeletal system can result in overall better health. Unfortunately, there is currently insufficient research on musculoskeletal disorders in children. For this reason why the primary contact in most cases must lean on clinical experience when they choose recommended treatment.

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