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Jaw pain

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Pain and discomfort in the jaw are more common among the population than previously thought. Around 10% of the population is plagued by jaw pain and discomfort.  There are several different causes that our therapists can examine, diagnose and treat.

Jaw pain causes

The Jaw joint has a unique structure. It is the only joint in the body that can move 3 dimensional and all movement on one side will affect the opposite jaw joints. In most cases where there is a dysfunction in the jaw are also dysfunctions in the neck. The top two vertebrae of the neck are most often involved in jaw problems. These vertebrae in the neck parts nerve connection with ansiktsnervens sensory fibers (trigeminal nerve). Renal function in the neck can thus provide jaw pain isolation and in combination with TMJ.

Jaw pain symptoms

Some of the symptoms associated with jaw problems is pain and loss of movement when using the jaw in the form of talking and chewing. Here one can also experience the clicking sounds. When the jaw is tightly tied to the neck and face nerves can jaw ailments also give neck pain, headaches and tinnitus to name a few.

How do we investigate and treat jaw ailments

To map jaw problems, our chiropractors at Chiro & SportsMed do a thorough examination of the back, chest back, neck and jaw. Upon discovery of dysfunction in the neck and jaw, treatment will focus on normalizing movement in joints using joint corrections, strains and muscular treatment in the jaw. Tense muscles of the jaw often contributes to increased distress and is important to treat to achieve a lasting effect. Our chiropractors have long experience with muscular treating jaw problems.

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