Pelvic lock in pregnant women | Chiro & Sports Med
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Pelvic lock in pregnant women

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This is the most common ailment that pregnant women seek chiropractic for. Often one is told by doctor or physiotherapist that it is ‘pelvic pain’. The fact is that most people do not get pelvic lock early in a pregnancy, but this usually comes a little later, when the body begins to change shape and weight distribution changes; weight front increases with growing belly and breasts. This gives greater sway to the lower back and curvature of the chest back. The pelvis will then have to ‘twist’ out of normal relieving position to compensate for this.

A completely normal and movable backrest will endure this, but if pelvic torsion has reduced movement, this could cause problems and pains. The pain may be locally where joint locking is occurring, or further down in the buttock or thighs and slightly upward in the lower back. Some may also experience hip or groin pain. Complaints are often provoked by walking, standing, turning in bed, lifting and carrying.

How our chiropractors diagnose pelvic lock

Pelvic lock is a common condition our chiropractors often see, diagnose and treat. It requires however a very thorough investigation and knowledge for mapping such ailments. Chiropractors have good knowledge to correct these conditions. Treatment consists of normalising the function of the pelvis and exercises, advice and guidance. Pelvis dysfunction can also at times cause problems further up in the body such as chest pain, neck and shoulder pain and headaches and migraines.

Our chiropractor explains the importance of treatment

Remember, you can go with dysfunctions in the spine and pelvis longer without causing symptoms. This is similar to one who goes with a hole in a tooth for many years before it starts to ache. Regularly checkups with your chiropractor during pregnancy is recommended.

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