Pelvic pain in pregnant women | Chiro & Sports Med
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Pelvic pain in pregnant women

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Pain in the spine, pelvis or the symphysis pubis (pubic bone) during or after pregnancy may be symptoms of pelvic torsion. During pregnancy, a distinction is hormones (relaxin) that allows ligaments in the pelvic ring to become elastic. In some women, this can be as painful. The pain is usually related to stress and localised to the pelvic joint and pubic bone. Radiating pain to the buttock region and legs are not uncommon, nor referred pain up the back to the neck and shoulder region. The pain increases during the day and movement and strain can aggravate it. Such as walking, standing, turning in bed, lifting and carrying. The symptoms often reduce with rest.

Our chiropractor explains the symptoms of pelvic pain and its treatment

Symptoms of pelvic pain can be very bothersome. So it is important to be aware that in most cases these pains go shortly after birth. Pelvic pain resembles a chronic sprain, and so we will treat it with the same caution. Our chiropractors will find nearby joints and muscles with malfunctions. They will correct these issues in a gentle way, along with their advice, guidance and exercises , these are all part of the treatment. Our chiropractor will also refer you to other health disciplines such as physiotherapy, acupuncture or massage should these treatments prove to be more effective in your symptoms.

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