Scoliosis: the truth about common myths

Scoliosis: The truth about common myths

Scoliosis Myths

This year, International Scoliosis Awareness Day falls on Saturday 27th June. There are many common myths about scoliosis which are addressed below:

Myth #1 – “Scoliosis is caused by…”

There are a lot of ideas out there regarding the causes of scoliosis. Carrying a heavy backpack does not cause scoliosis. Nor does participating in certain physical activities. The fact is that the vast majority of scoliosis cases are idiopathic, which means there is no known cause.

Myth #2 – Scoliosis is preventable

Again, because we don‘t know exactly what causes most cases of scoliosis, we cannot engage in methods to prevent it from occurring. There is no diet, type of exercise, or lifestyle practice that will stave off the condition. The best thing to do is to take a proactive approach to treatment once the condition has been diagnosed.

Myth #3 – Scoliosis makes the body weak and frail

An abnormal curvature of the spine does not equate to a decrease in strength or bone density. In fact, people with scoliosis can be just as capable, strong, and fit as anyone else.

Myth #4 – Women with scoliosis can’t have children

Scoliosis does not prevent conception or a healthy birth. It does not diminish fertility in any way, nor does it increase the possibility of miscarriage. There is no difference between women with scoliosis and women without scoliosis when it comes to the ability to conceive and bear healthy children.

Myth #5 – Young people with scoliosis can’t participate in sports

Participating in sports results in active, stronger, more balanced, and coordinated children. Perfect for good health, confidence, and proper treatment.

Myth #6 – Scoliosis can cause organ failure

One of the more popular scoliosis misconceptions is that the curvature of the spine can press into organs, causing them to fail. This is untrue. As the spine curves and twists, so does everything else in the body. In most cases, the spine curves away from the heart and other vital organs.

Myth #7 – Scoliosis is always painful

Yes, scoliosis can cause pain in adult patients, but for young people, pain is usually not a factor. This is because the upward motion of the spine’s growth in adolescence actually relieves the pressure that might otherwise cause pain. The opposite myth – that scoliosis never causes pain – is also fairly persistent and equally untrue.

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