Sleep and muscle recovery

Sleep and muscle recovery

Sleep and muscle recovery is so important. Unfortunately, muscle injury can happen to anybody at any time. It doesn’t matter if you are a world-class athlete or the only count taking the stairs as exercise. An injury can easily occur. If you are suffering from a muscle injury there are a few remedies to help speed up the recovery process. Sleep is a major aid in muscle recuperation.

What are minor muscle injuries?

A minor muscle injury usually consists of a muscle pull, strain, or tear. Occurring in the muscle fibres or tendons, it can damage small blood vessels. This causes local bleeding, bruising, and irritating pain to nerve endings in the damaged area.


Unfortunately, the causes of these injuries can easily occur during any form of physical tasks. For example sudden heavy lifting, exercise, or sports. The causes of minor muscle injury include anything from overreaching, suddenly changing direction, or speed. As well as falling or landing awkwardly, or colliding with a person or object. Needless to say, none of these are pleasant and any shock to the body is at risk.


If your body does suffer a physical shock, symptoms of an injury include swelling, bruising or redness. Also, pain when resting or moving the affected muscle or joint or weakness of the muscle or tendon. It can even cause the inability to use the muscle at all. Obviously the worse the pain, the more severe the injury. If the pain is unbearable you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

The importance of sleep

These injuries are usually easily treatable, especially with plenty of rest. Overreaching, lifting too much weight, or moving awkwardly would have caused the injury. Letting it relax and heal in its own time will help. Resting avoids further damage to the injured area and accelerates healing. This is why sleep and muscle recovery is so important

If the injury takes longer than a few weeks to clear up, then you may have damaged a significant portion of muscle fibres. There might be damage to the ligaments or joints. .

Growth hormones

The reason sleep is so helpful during the recovery process comes down to growth hormones and blood flow. Growth hormones evidently stimulate growth, while aiding cell reproduction and cell regeneration. Likewise, it regulates your body’s metabolism to literally repair you while you snooze.

While the body and brain are resting during sleep, energy consumption is lowered. As a result, more energy is used to restore bones and muscles through an increase in growth hormone production. Likewise, there is an increase in blood flow to the area in need. During deep sleep, around 40% of the usual blood flow to the brain is instead sent to the muscles to help restore energy. Furthermore, prolactin is released during deep sleep. Prolactin holds anti-inflammatory properties to help further recovery.

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