Men's Health Week 14-20 June 2021

Men’s Health Week 14-20 June 2021

Men’s Health Week 14-20 June 2021

In most countries, including Australia, the health status of men is generally poorer than that of females. A boy born in 2010 has a life expectancy of 78 years while a girl could expect to live to 82.3 years old. At every stage of life, more males have accidents, more males take their own lives, and more males suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions than females at the same age.

Men, however, are less frequent visitors to GP’s and there is a perception that they don’t care about health. Another perception is that health services are not well-prepared to interact with men effectively. Men’s Health Week is out to change that perception.

In 2002, the Vienna Men’s Health Declaration set out to establish:

  • Recognise men’s health is a critical issue and that there are health issues that only affect men
  • Promote awareness of men’s approach to health
  • Change the way health care is provided in order to be more sensitive towards men’s needs
  • Create school and community programs that target boys and young men
  • Connect health and social policies to better pursue men’s health goals

To summarise, Men’s Health Week aims to provide a platform to challenge and debate key issues in men’s health. Ultimately it’s out to raise the profile of men, their health needs, and outcomes.

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