World Spine Day 

World Spine Day falls on Monday 16th October this year.  It’s organised each year by Wold Spine and this year “Move Your Spine” is the theme.

The 2023 campaign calls on people to care for their spines by staying active. Evidence has shown that immobility and a lack of physical activity are contributors to spinal pain and disability. “Move Your Spine” encourages people of all ages, in all nations, to get active and support their spinal health through movement. An estimated one billion people suffer from spinal pain with 540 million people at any one time. Low back pain remains the leading cause of years lived with a disability on the planet. Spinal pain and disability are more prevalent than cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease combined.

What is it?

World Spine Day highlights the burden of spinal pain and disability around the world. With health professionals, exercise and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates, schoolchildren, and patients all taking part.  We celebrate World Spine Day on every continent.

An estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from spinal pain. It affects people across the life course and is the biggest single cause of disability on the planet. Effective management and prevention are key. Let’s encourage people to take steps to be kind to their spines. So this year’s World Spine Day #MoveYourSpine.

World Spine Day focuses on the importance of spinal health and well-being. With the promotion of physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting, and healthy working conditions will all feature. People are encouraged to look after their spines and stay active. For more information go to World Spine Day.

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