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There are several forms and types of migraine headaches. But the one the population knows best is often unilateral pulsating strong head pain lasting 4-72 hours. Research now suggests that it is a neurological disease. It is a temporary imbalance in the nervous system. This also accompanies the symptoms: decreased capacity for effective thinking, nausea, lighting, sound and speech difficulties. Migraines worsens too often during physical activity.

Why you should seek chiropractic treatment for migraines

There are over 300 different headache diagnoses, it is therefore very important that authorised specialists, with headaches diagnosis experience, examine you to set the right diagnosis and further implement timely and effective treatment. Earlier studies suggest that as many as 1 million Australians have or have had migraines. However, we see many patients who are diagnosed with migraines not responding to drug therapy, because they may have other types of headaches and should, therefore, have this investigated by experienced skilled professionals.

How does a chiropractor diagnose migraine

At Chiro & Sports Med we use the time needed to talk to the patient to identify the symptoms and determine what kind of headache he or she has. We try to determine if your headaches may be related to a specific event, such as a car accident, or whether it can be linked to other things, such as physical or mental stress, family issues, diet and so on.

Chiropractic examination of migraine

The next step is a thorough examination of the patient’s body. We examine the neck, back, pelvis, and so on to determine whether dysfunctions of the locomotor, such as a leg length difference, that could be a contributing factor. Other times it will be necessary to perform a full neurological examination to identify and diagnose the form of headache properly. If we find a possible cause of headaches through conversation and the physical examination, we will implement a treatment plan. In cases where different treatment would be more effective, the chiropractor refers you to physical therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture or massage.

Chiropractic treatment of migraine

Treatment in chiropractic is very gentle and you often hear a clicking sound in the joint when the joint corrections are performed. This sound is the release of gas in the joint due to a completely natural vacuum. Although it may be unnatural for you, we can reassure you that it is a natural sound. There are unfortunately some people that are afraid of chiropractic treatment because they mistakenly believe it is dangerous or hurts. We can refute and reassure you that it’s incredibly rare to have any side effects of treatment by a chiropractor and it rarely hurts. Research reports local tenderness and fatigue on the day of treatment as the most common side effects after treatment.

After lower back pain and neck pain, headaches are the third biggest problem a chiropractor looks at. The effect of treatment with a chiropractor in migraine occurs by stimulating nerve receptors with specific corrections of joints. This inhibits pain signals through neural pathways to the head that trigger migraine attacks. Further follow-up with exercise and lifestyle changes are also very important. This is to reduce the recurrence that is often related to lifestyle and stress of everyday life.

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