Digital X-Ray

On-site radiology service

After a thorough initial consultation by your chiropractor, they may ask that you stay around for an X-Ray. Your chiropractor will use the on-site radiology services so they can have an immediate diagnosis of any clinical issues that may arise. Next Radiology runs the on-site imaging service. Our specialist radiologists are there to examine and review all your medical images taken. Next radiologists are members of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. They have extensive experience in chiropractic and allied health diagnostic imaging. The on-site service is to ensure your chiropractor understands your clinical issues when deciding the best course of action to improve and maintain your health.

What will happen during my X-Ray?

You may have to remove some items of clothing and metal objects (e.g. jewellery), and change into a disposable gown. Depending on which area of the body is to be scanned, you will either lie down on the X-Ray table or stand up next to the X-Ray plate. Our radiographer will position you and move the X-Ray machine over the area of your body being scanned. The radiographer will then walk behind a screen to take the X-Ray. They will ask you not to move while the X-Ray is being taken, only for a few seconds. You may also have to hold your breath during this time.

How long will it take?

The entire procedure takes 5-10 minutes. Most examinations will need 2 or more projections taken, usually at right angles. The radiographer will be positioning you and moving the X-Ray machine many times. At the end of the examination, the radiographer will ask you to wait for a couple of minutes while they check the images and you can resume normal activity straight after having one.

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