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Knee pain represents almost 1/3 of all musculoskeletal disorders.  The main parts of the knee are joint bones, cartilage, joint membranes, menisci, ligaments, and mucous bags. Consequently, knee pain can occur in many ways and can vary in intensity and type. “Noise” and swelling contributes to the correct diagnosis. Locking knee joints can indicate a meniscus injury, while a “popping” sound may indicate ligament damage. Swelling coming 24 hours or recurrent swelling may indicate meniscal and / or ligament damage.

Research shows that adults with knee injuries have a much higher risk of developing osteoarthritis. If knee pain occurs in a way that you cannot participate in physical activity the risk is too high. In that other disorders as a patella-femoral syndrome, bursitis, runners’ knee and/or jumper’s knee may develop. In acute injuries in football, we often see that the muscles have incurred stretch. These muscle strain injuries must be treated quickly and correctly to reduce the risk of relapse. Our chiropractors have a very good effect on the treatment of knee problems and have the knowledge and experience needed to diagnose and treat.

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