Sports Trainer

Sports Trainer

The role of a sports trainer is to asses patients ability to play. They are a vital member of a sports team and they provide a crucial link between the coach, player, and health professional. Sports Trainers are qualified and multi-skilled health care experts. For instance they help provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

The trainer will apply his or her knowledge and skills to help make sport and recreation safer.  They will provide appropriate initial management of sports injuries and reduce the likelihood of further damage.  Under the guidance of the appropriate health professional, they can assist with the following; rehabilitation of the injured athlete and assessment of the athletes’ readiness to return to training and competition.

Trainers are also able to recognise and provide appropriate initial management of a head and spinal injury, and any upper and lower limb injuries. Furthermore, they are also able to apply techniques such as taping, in order to support and further assist movement upon the pitch. This role allows experience upon the field as acute injuries arise. A sports trainer will examine the injury and asses the ability to continue to play. Trainers should also be able to conduct an effective warm-up, stretching and cool down program.

Louie Nouh is our Chiro & Sports Med sports trainer. He has a genuine passion for keeping fit, healthy and his dedication to the industry and achieving results makes him a positive advocate to the sporting & health profession.

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