What does a chiropractor do?

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractic is one of the oldest forms of ‘hands-on’ musculoskeletal medicine. The diagnosis and treatment are based on the philosophy that the body operates as a total functional unit with all the body’s systems. This means that your muscles, nerves and joints are working together to maintain normal function and health. The human body is both self-regulating and self-healing. By detecting structural imbalances and nerve interferences  the chiropractors ensure they are treating the cause and not just the symptoms.

Chiropractor Education

Besides doctors, chiropractors as primary health care providers are the only non-drug treatment group with 5-year university education. They are required to adhere to strict and extensive educational requirements and standards to become governments registered health professionals in Australia. For that they must have studied an accredited 5-year chiropractic program conducted at a University within Australia. Similarly, they may have completed an accredited program overseas that satisfies the requirements set by the Australian Chiropractic Regulating authority.

Currently, there are four universities in Australia that have chiropractor degree programs. The RMIT University in Melbourne, the Macquarie University in Sydney, The Murdoch University in Perth, and the Central Queensland University (Mackay, Brisbane and Sydney). The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) maintains an open line of communication with these four educational institutions. A chiropractor’s education never ends. After entering practice, all chiropractors must complete continuing professional development courses and seminars to upgrade and improve their skills and to stay current on the latest scientific research.

At Chiro & Sports Med, our professionals are masters’ qualified chiropractors, with further accreditation in managing and treating sports injuries. They are academics and give lectures and run tutorials in chiropractic skills at Macquarie University. Our chiropractors ensure that they stay at the top of their academic field. Also, they are constantly adding to their technical skills and knowledge base. Therefore allowing them to keep up to date with the latest advancements in manual therapy.

Chiropractic Treatment

Treatment in chiropractic is often associated with the manipulation of the spine that can be described as a gentle, quick, passive stretching of structures surrounding a joint. This means usually a clicking in connection with the joint surfaces are separated. This clicking sound that can be heard by a correction of the spine is the release of gases in the joint. This is completely harmless if performed by a qualified chiropractor.

The chiropractors at Chiro & Sports Med will use a wide variety of techniques to ensure you get the most effective and comfortable treatment possible. They will carefully explain all treatment techniques to you prior to their use and we will not do or use anything that you are uncomfortable with. The treatment techniques used at Chiro & Sports Med include: joint mobilisations and adjustments, soft tissue techniques, muscle stretches, acupuncture, heat therapy, interferential therapy, ultrasound therapy, exercise prescription and rehabilitation treatment.

Conditions Treated by Chiropractors

Chiropractors treat a wide variety of conditions, with scientifically proved efficacy. The most frequent ones are:

If you would like to make an appointment with one of the chiropractors at Chiro & Sports Med simply call our office on 9817 2005 and one of our friendly staff will organize an appointment for you.

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