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Treatment for neck pain

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When to see a chiropractor for a neck injury?

Early consultation can reduce late effects that often occur with neck injuries. When you are not quickly improved, or you wonder if something is wrong with your neck, a chiropractor can refer to the necessary X-ray, CT or MRI, or refer to specialists if this proves necessary. However, research has shown that patients have benefited from having treatment for neck pain by a chiropractor.

What happens with our chiropractor?

Chiropractor’s first task is to rule out any serious causes of pain via a thorough investigation. When the investigation is done, our chiropractor identifies the location and cause of the pain and then treats it. Conservative treatment by chiropractor aims to restore the normal function of the locomotor and nervous system to decrease pain, promote overall health, and increase the quality of life. Treatment will an overall assessment be individually tailored to each individual. In cases where other therapies will be more effective for the individual, the chiropractor can refer you to a physiotherapist, osteopath, acupuncturist, or masseur. A chiropractor mainly uses his hands in the processing and uses a variety of methods and techniques to restore normal function in the joints, muscles, connective tissue, and nervous system, these include:

    • Specific joint corrections
    • Mobilizing joints
    • Strains
    • Muscular techniques
    • Neurological techniques
    • Stabilizing training
    • Exercises, advice, and guidance

What can you do even when you have neck pain?

  • Contact chiropractor for advice
  • Cold compress (ice)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs for acute neck kink
  • Keep neck warm otherwise
  • Acute neck pain is rarely serious, just painful.
  • Rest neck (painless position) sometimes during the day
  • Perform simple exercises


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