Back pain in pregnant women | Chiro & Sports Med
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Back pain in pregnant women

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Over 50% of all women experience back pain for the first time during pregnancy. The reason is changes in body posture, when the stomach and breasts grow and be compensated with swaying in lumbar and curvature of the chest back. Increased lumbar swaying allows load and weight is moved backwards on the vertebrae and thus incorrect weight distribution area. This allows the joint surface and its surrounding structures irritated and creating pain locally in the back. Pain can sometimes refer into the legs. These pains are otherwise often confused with PGP.

Treatment by a chiropractor for back pain in pregnancy

Treatment by our chiropractors consists of reducing the pain by normalising movement in the lumbar spine, provide advice and guidance as well as training exercises. It is also very important to examine the muscle imbalance as a cause of lower back discomfort, then we often see a connection. We also offer acupuncture and stretching techniques should prove to have better efficacy of these treatments.

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