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Different forms of exercises

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A comprehensive rehabilitation program should consist of stretching, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning of the back and body. Those three different forms of exercises are important in your recovery.

  • Stretching exercises are very important. Any form of inactivity, especially where an injured back is involved, is usually associated with some progressive stiffness. Patients with chronic pain may find it takes weeks or months of stretching to mobilise the spine and soft tissues. Most importantly they will find that the increase in motion provides meaningful and sustained relief of their back pain.
  • Strengthening exercises help to prevent future recurrences of back pain. Especially if an episode of low back pain has lasted two weeks or more. A strengthening program such as McKenzie exercises, lumbar stabilisation training, or facilitation exercises is critical to long-term recovery.
  • The McKenzie approach to back exercises was developed specifically to centralise and relieve back related pain symptoms.
  • Dynamic lumbar stabilisation exercises help control pain by reducing motion at the injury location. This technique involves training muscles to automatically provide protective support during activity.
  • Aerobic Conditioning exercises are important as aerobically fit patients have fewer episodes of low back pain. They tend to experience less pain when an episode does occur. Well-conditioned patients are also more likely to maintain their regular routine. Whereas patients with chronic low back pain who do not work on aerobic conditioning are likely to lose their ability to perform daily activities over time. Exercise is especially helpful for patients suffering from Sciatica.
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