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Headaches and migraines in pregnant women

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There are several causes of head-related symptoms such as headaches, migraines and dizziness during pregnancy. The most common cause is stress related to changing weight distribution in the neck and back due to weight and pressure changes in the rest of the body. Hormonal changes may be another contributing factor for headaches and migraines in pregnant women. It is therefore important to examine the neck and spine and its adjacent musculature of chiropractor to determine the cause. To avoid drug therapy that is often prescribed by such ailments, it is particularly important during pregnancy because drugs can have some form of side effect and should be avoided during pregnancy and the breast-feeding period.

Migraine without aura improves during pregnancy

Research assumes that hormonal changes during pregnancy hence a decrease in progesterone and increases in estrogen are contributing factors that migraine without aura improves during pregnancy. Aura is a reversed neurological disorder in the sensory system, vision and speech, while some also experiencing power weakening in the arms. Aura occur before a migraine headache occurs and usually within 20 minutes. The first three months will still have a worsening of their migraine. This is probably due to a combination of morning sickness, poor appetite resulting in low blood sugar and dehydration. Should you get a migraine for the first time during pregnancy this will usually be accompanied by an aura. For those women with migraine without aura who want to become pregnant, it is therefore no reason for concern, one sees that migraine without aura decreases in pregnancy and in some cases during the period after birth.

Migraine with aura remains unchanged during pregnancy

Unfortunately for some, the research also shows that migraine with aura is no improvement, but remained stable throughout pregnancy. It is highly recommended to reduce drug therapy during pregnancy due to ignorance about the increased risk of the child through breastfeeding. It may therefore be appropriate to consult us and manual therapies for your migraine in the pregnancy period, as chiropractic has proven effective through research.

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