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Chiropractic for pregnant women

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Pregnancy alters the body to a great extent. The belly grows, sway in the back gets bigger, the weight increases, the curvature of the chest back gets bigger and abdominal muscles increases in length. These are just some of the many changes that occur during 9 months. In addition, the body experiences hormonal changes; there to prepare the body for childbirth. All these factors can contribute to make women prone to musculoskeletal disorders in pregnancy. During this period, therefore the body depends on the good functioning of the whole spine to best cope with the rapidly evolving and harmful change that occurs within a short time.

How many pregnant women suffer from back pain?

Today there are annually around 60,000 pregnant women in Australia. Around 50% of pregnant women have combined lumbar and pelvic pain while 20% have only pelvic pain. Sometimes, problems are so bad that it keeps them out of work. Pregnant women aged between 20-39 account for 1/3 of all absences. Studies show that pain in the lumbar and pelvis are the most common causes of sick leave. Some pregnant women also experience discomfort in the form of headaches, while others may experience pain in the neck and shoulder region. Due to the accumulation of fluid in the body during pregnancy, some few also experience discomfort in the arms and legs.

Treatment by a chiropractor

Our chiropractors will examine each patient individually and put up a customised treatment program. It is important to find the cause of symptoms as this will determine the right treatment method. If necessary our chiropractors will involve other health disciplines in treatment. Our chiropractors work in close cooperation with several health professionals such as massage therapists, general practitioners, and psychologists. Chiropractors are a primary contact in the Australian health care system and will, therefore, be the governing process and coordinate treatment program for pregnant women.

Research into pregnancy and chiropractic

We’ve tried to list the most common complaints pregnant women consult us within the sidebar on this page. You can navigate between the ailments that are listed in a logical order.

Remember, your chiropractor is there to give you the best pregnancy. Chiropractors aim to correct the malfunction so that the birth will go easier and follow you through your pregnancy and after birth. They will also explain the physiological changes that occur after pregnancy.

After giving birth the body will gradually return to normal as the hormone relaxin which extends PGP gradually normalised. Many, however, will find that their body does not work as easily as before. Then our chiropractors help get them started again. It is important to be patient the first few weeks when the body needs time to find themselves again when the abdominal muscles, back, and hip muscles and not least the pelvic floor muscles have been subjected to great stress and change. A few weeks later will enter into a phase in which muscles need exercise. Our chiropractors will give you guidance on how to proceed, and what you can contribute to yourself.

Regarding persistent pelvic pain after childbirth, these may also be examined and repaired by our chiropractor. Often there are malfunctions in joints and muscles that can be treated in a simple and gentle manner.

Our practitioners are on hand to treat you