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Chiropractic for children

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An increase in chronic childhood diseases is one of the reasons why parents today are looking for other types of treatment for their children than traditional medical treatment. Chiropractors are officially approved and licensed health care professionals who acts as primary contact on par with doctors. It also means an equal responsibility when the correct diagnosis to be put on your child. When it comes to physical therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors and more, these are not subject to health law to make a diagnosis. Chiropractic for children is very gentle and drug free.

Chiropractors see a clear correlation between the type of birth (vaginal, suction cups, caesarean) and common ailments that occur in children. Children who are redeemed with suction cups will naturally have an increased strain on the neck, while children who are delivered by cesarean lose the desired effect of the water that is squeezed out of the lungs and pulmonary water production stops. The contractions of the uterus also contributes positively to further minor breathing problems are seen.

The Chiropractic Association of Australia (CAA) has concluded in a recent study that chiropractic for children is both efficient and safe at any age. In the chiropractic profession treatment of children has been regarded as one of the most important work since chiropractic started in 1895. Treating children is part of their education in most chiropractic schools. It may therefore be wise to get your child evaluated by a chiropractor for particular neck and centre back, but also the hips and pelvis so that you can be assured that your children can grow with their fullest potential.

Our chiropractor explains the most common children’s disorders

Child morbidity is often divided into acute and chronic child diseases. Acute child disorders are often the result of accidental injuries during childhood such as football and cycling accidents, or more recently, in connection with roller skates, skateboards, snowboards and scooters or it may stem from trauma during childbirth. Among Australian school children, 15% of boys and 18% of girls experience neck pain at least once weekly.

Chronic child illness often evolves over time. Children are generally very active and will through life experience trauma in different forms and degrees at least. Investigation and treatment of your child can result in a better overall health while your baby will be examined for injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, there are currently insufficient research on musculoskeletal disorders in children, which is why the primary contacts in most cases must lean on clinical experience when they choose recommended treatment.

Children most commonly seek chiropractic for:

• General musculoskeletal disorders
Torticollis (neck bias)

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