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Back pain is a very common complaint chiropractors see and treat, and treatment effect is very good. Patients with prolapse and sciatica can also get help from our chiropractors at Chiro & Sports Med. The chiropractor will often treat around prolapse area, pelvic and/or mid back, to reduce pain. When the back pain reduces, we will be able to treat the area directly.

It is important that you come and get treatment as soon as you can and get set a proper diagnosis to prevent long-term problems. The fact that you get proven prolapse does not mean that one has a serious spinal disorder and that you are ill. Many still believe that anyone with prolapse requires surgery. It’s wrong! As mentioned, prolapse is a frequent finding in adults ridges. Our chiropractor will refer you for assessment of operation when necessary. But before that happens, it is usually indicated to try conservative treatment, such as chiropractic.

Treatment by a chiropractor for low back pain and disc herniation is to improve mobility where there are lockouts, and for prolapse in the joints around the sciatic nerve. This is to improve circulation so that the healing processes in the nerve and disc are stimulated and accumulations of slag that irritates nerve get carried away, this will reduce the pain. Then the focus will be towards rehabilitation where strength and stability will improve. In cases where it is required interdisciplinary treatment, our chiropractors will apply different techniques, such as acupuncture or refer to other professionals in physiotherapy, osteopathy or massage.


Our chiropractor will tell you about things you can do with backache.

There are many good tips and advice can be done even in acute pain. Below we have listed some of them. Want fuller details of advice you can read more here.

  • Cold Treatment – put an ice pack on your lower lumbar surface over a thin kitchen towel for 20 min. Repeat 3-4 times daily.
  • Its minimum. The pressure is greatest on the dial when sitting.
  • If we can move a little is good, if it just so is to wander around the house.
  • Go on many short trips than one long one.
  • When pain comes on, find movements that reduce the pain in your leg.
  • Alternating between movement and relief in positions where they have the least amount of pain.
  • Variety is the key.
  • Be cautious of overmoving as this may provoke pain.
  • Take painkillers if the pain is unbearable.
  • Drink more water than usual and avoid diuretics such as coffee, tea and alcohol etc. This helps separation of stroke drugs.
  • Increase protein intake in the diet and decrease sugar intake as protein repairs and sugar breaks down.
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