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Musculoskeletal disorders

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Musculoskeletal Disorders are injuries and disorders that affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system. These include the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels, etc. Most who seek chiropractic care come with some pain condition in the body. The most common complaints are back pain and neck pain. Chiropractors believe that the primary cause of pain and discomfort is nerve irritation.

There are many things that can cause back pain. Such as poor posture, accident, injury to the spine, diseases, abnormal curvature of the spinal column and sudden blow on the back. These conditions may result to misalignment of one or more vertebrae of the spinal column. Vertebral deformity causes pinched nerves that result to nerve irritation. Nerve irritation causes discomfort and pain. Therefore, to relieve an individual from pain, these nerves must be released from being compressed to prevent irritation.

We know that only 30% of the nervous system has to do with pain. These conditions are only a small part of what you can get help with a chiropractor.  The main part of the nervous system is concerned with the autonomous (automatic) features you do not even need to think about, such as blood pressure, breathing and digestive apparatus. To see an indication of the nerves that go to the various organs and thus the processes they control, go to the spine and nervous system page.

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