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Treatment for ankle pain

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The first part of the treatment of an ankle injury is aimed at limiting the amount of swelling and bleeding. This is crucial in order to cut down on recovery time. In this part of the treatment employed PRICE principle. In addition, our chiropractors use some manual processing techniques to reduce the swelling.

  • P – Protection: Protecting the ankle to avoid aggravation of the injury
  • R – Rest: Occasional ankle
  • I – Ice: Cooling the injury site causes the blood vessels tighten and swelling limited
  • C – Compression: Pressure bandages tight around the ankle and reduces swelling.
  • E – Elevation: Place the leg above heart level to reduce congestion in the ankle.

Our chiropractor explains about follow-up after ankle injuries

The next part of the treatment of ankle pain is rehabilitation. This should start already after 2-3 days and is done in partnership with a chiropractor.  It is very important that the tissue in the ankle stimulated by exercise to avoid new sprain. Our chiropractors will help you find appropriate exercises. After 12 to 14 days when the pain has reduced and the movement is improved patient will be ready for balance training to restore joint sense. This is as important as strength training.

Ligaments contain receptors that provide information about the joint’s position. Renal joint sense leads to decreased ability to perceive that the ankle is in a penchant position that could lead to new sprain. It is in this part of the rehabilitation is neglected most, which can lead to new sprain or longer to injury than necessary.

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